Homophones for baize, bays, beys

baize / bays / beys [beiz]

baize – n. – a coarse usually green woolen material resembling felt, used as a covering or lining, esp. on the tops of billiard tables and card tables

bays – n. pl. of bay –1. body of water where the coast curves inward; 2. a Mediterranean laurel, Laurus nobilis, deep green leaves, purple berries; 3. a space created by a window line projecting outward; 4. a recess; an area specially allocated or marked off; adj. – dark reddish brown; v. – bark or howl loudly or plaintively

beys – n. pl of bey – 1. hist., the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman empire; 2. a title of respectful address for men used in Turkey and Egypt



Green baize doors became popular during the mid-eighteenth century, so Jane Austen must have been aware of the practice, which was more and more used as the 19th Century progressed. During Victorian times the practice of sound proofing doors with baize was common.

~The Green Baize Door: Dividing Line Between Servant and Master (2012) – Vic – Jane Austen’s World - blog


…features carved in bedrock (e.g. meltwater channels, streamlined features) are likely the result of multiple cycles of glaciation in the bays, similar to other areas on the Antarctic shelf.

~Seafloor geomorphology of western Antarctic Peninsula bays: a signature of ice flow behaviour (2017) – Yuribia P. Munoz, Julia S. Wellner


They equated to duchies in other areas of Europe. Each country gave its beys different scopes of power. The feminine form of bey is begum.

~The Beys: Original Rulers of the Ottoman Empire (no date) – Encyclopedia of the Orient and Timeless myth-Jimmy Joe