Homophones for bai, buy, by, bye

bai / buy / by / bye [bai]

bai – n. & adj. – n. – the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Dali region of Yunnan; 2. female domestic help in some regions of India; adj. – related to the people from this region who speak this language

Do Not Confuse With bais [bahy] – n. – yellow mists composed of airborne loess or fine sand that is produced in China and Japan during the spring and fall

buy – n. & v. – n. – 1. a purchase; v. tr. – 1. purchase; 2. procure; 3. win over; 4. get by sacrifice or great effort; 5. accept, believe in, approve of; 6. be a buyer for a store

by – adv., n. & prep. – 1. near; 2. aside in reserve; 3. past; n. = bye; prep. – 1. near, beside, in the region; 2. through the agency, means, or causation of; 3. not later than, as soon as; 4. past, beyond, passing through; 5. in the circumstances of; 6. to the extent of; 7. according to; 8. with the succession of; 9. concerning

bye – interj. & n. – interj. – good-bye, farewell (from “God be with ye”); n. - 1. the status of an unaired competition in a tournament who proceeds to the next round as if having won, or, in chess, drawn; 2. golf – one or more holes remaining unplayed after the match has been decided; 3. cricket – a run scored from a ball that basses the batsman without being hit; 4. a child’s word for sleep