Homophones for bahr, bar, barre, bhar

bahr / bar / barre / bhar [bɒr]

bahr – n. s. – a body of water (as a lake, river, or small sea); 2. a kalb bahr, a type of shark

bar – n. – 1. a long rod or piece of rigid wood, metal etc., especially used as an obstruction, confinement, fastening, weapon, etc.; 2. something resembling a bar in being, straight, narrow and rigid; v. tr. 1. fasten with a bar – shut to keep in or out; 2. obstruct, prevent; 3. prohibit, exclude; 4. mark with stripes; 5. law – prevent or delay an action by legal obstacle

barre – n. – 1. a waist level horizontal handrail to help dancers keep their balance during some exercises; 2. dance exercises done at the barre.

bhar – n. – 1. either a caste of agricultural workers in central India or a member of this caste; 2. clay tea cup traditionally used by agricultural workers