Homophones for baffed, baft

baffed / baft [bæft]

baffed – adj., n., v. – adj. – baffed out, worn out, exhausted, in dilapidated condition; 2. without a clue, mentally exhausted; v. tr. – simple past of baff – to strike; specifically, to make a stroke with a golf club so the club strikes the ground and lofts the ball; n – 1. blow, stroke, thud; 2. a golf stroke in which the club hits the ground and drives the ball aloft

baft – adj. & n. – adj. – archaic - abaft, astern, aft, behind a ship or aircraft; in the rear; n. – a fine cotton fabric of Oriental manufacture; especially, a plain muslin, of which the Surat manufacture is said to be the best