Homophones for bac, back

bac / back [bæk]

bac - n. – 1. abbrev. for bachelor; 2. (rare) a chaplet; 3. a flat-bottomed French ferry boat; 4. a large shallow vessel (chiefly for liquids); a tub trough, vat cistern used by brewers, dyers and picklers; 5. bacteria; 4. with reference to a gene sequence

back – n., adv. & v. – n. – 1. the rear surface of a human or animal body from the shoulders to hips; 2. the keel of a ship; 3. the convex side of the hand away from the palm; 4. less active, less visible or important part of something; adv. – 1. away from what is considered to be the front; 2. return to a former position; 3. at a distance; 4. in check – restrain; v. tr. – 1. help with moral or financial support; v. tr. & intr. – move or cause to move in reverse; adj. – situated behind