Homophones for baas, bas, boss

baas bas boss [bɑs]

baas – n. both sing. and pl. – n.s. – South African, employer, master; n.pl. – sheep cries, bleats

bas – n.pl. of ba – the divine, immortal, eternal and ultimately divine soul in Egyptian religious belief represented as a bird with a human head and believed to leave the body at death and return eventually to revivify the body if it is preserved

boss – n. & v. – n. – 1. a knob or swelling on a plant or animal; 2. Geol., a mass of rock sticking out of a layer; 3. an employer, supervisor; v. – 1. cause to stick-out, protrude; 2. control, direct

*bosse – the Oxford English Dictionary has this as a variant of boss with four different entries