Homophones for awed, od, odd

awed / od / odd [ɔd]

awed – adj. & v. – adj. – having feelings of 1. wonder, reverence, deep respect or veneration; 2. dread, terror, intimidated; 3. being dumbfounded, cowed; v. past tense of awe – inspired with reverence, amazement or respect

od – n. – a hypothetical force pervading the physical world and affecting physical and psychological levels, devised by Baron Karl von Reichenbach in the 19th century

odd – adj. & n. – adj. – 1. unpaired; 2. an approximate quantity; 3. an integer that is not evenly divisible by two in whole numbers; 4. haphazard, random, stray, occasional; 5. unusual, curious, baffling...; n. – a stroke in golf that is one more than the number played by one’s opponent