Homophones for avert, evert

avert – v. – 1. withdraw; 2. alienate; 3. oppose

evert – v. – 1. defeat, overthrow; 2. frustrate plans; 3. overturn a ruling; 4. change direction by manipulation



Primary prevention seeks to avert an adverse health event, while secondary prevention aims to keep an adverse health event from recurring or causing a related problem once it occurred.

~Priorities in Health: Chapter 3, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (2006) – Dean T. Jamison, Joel G. Breman, Anthony R. Measham, George Alleyne, Mariam Claeson, David B. Evans, Prabhat Jha, Anne Mills, Philip Musgrove


The pain resulted in antalgic gait and an inability to actively dorsiflex and evert his left ankle.

~Foreign Body Misdiagnosed as Myofascial Herniation of Tibialis Anterior Muscle (2021) – Lauren Sara