Homophones for avail, avale

avail / avale [əˈveɪl]

avail – v. & n. – v. – 1. to function effectively; 2. to improve a situation; n. – profit, benefit, advantage

avale – v. – 1. let fall; 2. abase; 3. bring low; 4. descend



Dine in or take out you can still avail your senior citizen discount just show your senior citizen ID.

~Know More about Senior Citizen Discounts and Benefits (2020) – Sulit Stories


Then the judge was much abashed, and commanded to take quick lime and vinegar meddled together and made it to avale into his throat, and after did put out his eyes.

~The Golden Legend or Lives of the Saints, transcribed by William Claxton 1483 – (1900) - Edited by F.S. Ellis, Temple Classics, 1900 (Reprinted 1922, 1931)