Homophones for atend, attend

atend / attend [əˈtɛnd]

atend - v. - ignite, start a fire, kindle (especially a bonfire or fireworks)

Do Not Confuse with  at end [ət'ɛnd]  - these two words are often run together, meaning the final point. Some of us put an article between these words, but many don't

attend – v.- 1. be present at, wait upon, take care of; 2. give consideration, regard, consider, apply oneself to; 3. accompany, escort; 4. expect, look forward to


 Although these differ in meaning, examples are challenging to find for the first one because automatic spell checkers and search engines tend to replace it with the second. Huge sigh.

Both are legitimate terms (found in Oxford English Dictionary), but search engines are not always accurate and do not have the depth of an unabridged dictionary such as the OED online. Wonderful resource.