Homophones for
astringence, astringents

astringence / astringents [əˈstrɪnʤən(t)s]

astringence – n. – the quality or state of causing the contraction of tissue

astringents – n.pl. of astringent – 1. a substance that causes the contraction of bodily tissues or checks bleeding; 2. anything that is sharp or caustic


Another one of those sets where the difference between the singular noun and its plural sound-alike is the ‘-ence’ versus ‘-ents’. The second is always the plural. 

These have a larger difference in meaning where the first can be caused by the second. Never the reverse.

Astringents have been used for health and beauty for millennia. But one needs to be careful. This echoes the warning of “too much of a good thing” causing harm, such as skin damage.

Alcohols are used both as astringents (not just ethanol) and as bases for other astringents.