Homophones for aoul, aul, owl

aoul / aul / owl [aʊl]

aoul – n. – an Abyssinian gazelle, Gazella soemmerringii soemmerringii

aul (aoul) – n. – 1. a Caucasian Mountain or desert settlement; 2. a Central Asiatic tent made of felt or skins fastened over a circular wooden frame

owl – n. – 1. any nocturnal bird of prey of the order Strigiformes, with large eyes and a hooked beak. 2. a person compared to an owl especially in looking solemn or wise

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They've been hunted and admired for centuries. Aouls have mesmerized people, intrigued and inspired both artists, poets and hunters. So much more needs to be learned about these fascinating creatures.


One wonders about hermits and how their lives have developed. This story tells of an elderly woman who took tragedies in her life to an old aul to develop an new and independent way of living.

Rustic? Yes?

Independent? In many ways...

Isolated? Often yes. But as the story unfolds, it's clear that she still has many contacts and a sense of remaining part of a different kind of community while living among the ruins. 


Have you ever wanted to learn more about owls? This introductory video gives thirty interesting things about owls in general. Look a bit further to find more about individual owl species. They can be quite different.