Homophones for
antae, ante, anti, auntie

antae (pl.) /ante / anti / auntie [ˈænti]

antae – n. pl. of anta – 1. piers produced by thickening walls at their end; 2. Square pilasters on either side of door frames or other corners

ante – n. & v. – n. – an amount paid in advance, something in advance of; v. – 1. bet (as in poker); 2. pay in advance in hopes of greater gain

anti – n. & prep. – n. – a person opposed to a particular policy; prep. – opposed to

auntie (aunty) – informal for aunt – n. – 1. one’s father’s or mother’s sister; 2. an uncle’s wife; 3. informal – a child’s unrelated woman friend or as an informal term of respect for an unrelated older woman