Homophones for annunciate, enunciate

annunciate / enunciate [əˈnʌnsi.eit]

annunciate – v. – 1. make an official proclamation/declaration; 2. let it be known that something is ready/has arrived

enunciate – v. – 1. clearly express a proposition, theory or principle; 2. make a definite or systematic public statement; 3. articulate clearly



If a person is not well spoken and exact in the way they annunciate and communicate, that will be a mark against them according to the way the insurance companies evaluate cases.

~How You Appear, Speak, Act at a Deposition and How that Can Affect Your Case (2012) – Christopher Ligori


Feedback from others about how well you enunciate can also be valuable. And if people regularly ask you to repeat what you said, take that as a clue.

~To Sound Intelligent and Articulate, Enunciate as You Speak (2017) – Naomi Karten