Homophones for all ready, already

all ready / already [ɔl’redi]

all ready – adj. – collective adjectival phrase indicating that each person in a group or each thing is completely prepared

already – adv. – 1. previously, indicates that something has happened in the past and is often used with either the past tense or the perfect depending on which variant of English one is using; 2. can also be used to add emphasis


Already has been in popular English usage since at least the 14th century and was formed from two Middle English words. These words have survived independently as well 'all' and 'ready'. However, when they are used together as separate words they reflect more strongly each individual word. 


all ready

What we will present on Thursday is a wide array of acts, each show casing different musical genres from jazz to rock and reggae, all very talented, all ready to give really strong performances.

~ All that Jazz (2021) - Richard Johnson


If you're in a part of the world where it is already morning, feel free to get started without me.

~People Beat Christmas Loneliness on Twitter (2018) - Sarah Millican