Homophones for all over, allover

all over / allover [‘ɔloʊvǝr]

all over – adv. & prep. – adv. – 1. everywhere; 2. thoroughly; 3. finished, completed; prep. effusive towards; overtly emotional towards (can be either positive or negative)

allover – adj. & n. – adj. covering the whole surface or area; n. pattern(s) that repeat over the surface of something especially fabrics like lace


This set has been included as an exception. We don't usually include phrases with single words but along with some contractions, we have added these because they are old, and the present or absence of the space makes the difference between the correct or incorrect usage. 

Allover has been seen in English writings from as early as the 1570's when it adopted the more specific meanings above. 

All + over as two separate words date back much further...


all over

It (the Stanley Cup) has also visited many countries as players from all over the world have the trophy visit their hometowns.

~The 25 Best Traditions in Hockey (2012) - Brad Kurtzberg


Allover lace has two straight edges and motifs that repeat regularly throughout the entire fabric.

~Lace and Embroidered Fabrics: History and Types (2019) - Kaia Meier