Homophones for admission, admistion

admission / admistion [ədˈmɪʃn]

admission – n. – 1. acceptance of an individual or group into a select organization, inclusion; 2. confirmation that something is true; 3. entrance to an event

admistion – n. – admixture, combination of



The exposed honesty of her admission shocked her…The fact that he didn’t push her to elaborate shocked her even more.

~The Nurse’s One Night to Forever (2020) – Janice Lyn


Now the principle ingredients in gun-powder are, nitre and sulpher (the admistion of charcoal being chiefly to keep the parts separate for better kindling of it).

I have been told it, by the chemists, (though I have not seen it tried) that a mixture of sulphur, filings of steel, with the admistion of a little water, will not only cause a great effervescence, but will of itself break forth into an actual fire.

~Concerning the generation of hail, and of thunder and lightning, and the effects thereof (1695) – letter from Dr. Wallis to Dr. Sloane