Homophones for
absorbance, absorbents

absorbance / absorbents [æbˈzɔrbəns]

absorbance – n. chemistry – the amount of light that is transmitted through a liquid compared to the amount of light that was shone at the liquid; using Beeras’ law, absorbance (A)=molar absorptivity coefficient (the distance the light travelled through the sample) (concentration of the solution) = εdc

absorbents – n. – 1. a substance that can incorporate (take in) another substance; 2. mining relatively inert substance that forms a low explosive when mixed with metallic nitrates, i.e. grain flours


In a sense, both of these involve capture. A liquid captures some of the light shone at it: A solid engulfs another solid. Just as they work in two different states of matter they reflect two very different conditions…