Homophones for abeyance, obeyance

abeyance / obeyance [əˈbeiəns]

abeyance – n. – 1. law – a period when something is without an owner; 2. temporary inactive; 3. a period of latency

obeyance – n. – 1. homage; 2. an act of adherence to specific instructions, commands or persons

Homophones in the News


Whether on a personal level or an international one, when things are put in abeyance, complications occur.

Some maintain hope of a resolution of the situation, while others expect that the action of being 'put on hold' sounds a definite death knell. 

Perhaps a lot has to do with how much the people involved want to see the situation resolved and improved.


Obeyance does not carry legal connotations, but recently Psychology Today listed it among the things to be aware of when dealing with narcissists.