Homophones for abaisse, abase

abaisse / abase [əˈbeis]

abaisse – n. – a thin layer of pastry, an under-crust

abase – v. – to humiliate, or reduce in rank, prestige, or esteem

Homophones In the News


Merriam-Webster's dictionary reports that the first known use of abaisse in English dates back to 1823, long before Les Miserables (Victor Hugo, 1862) was written and performed. Borrowed from the French, it has grown in English. 

Although usually associated with baking, especially pastries, it has also been used metaphorically for people of low social standing, and even has made its way into music titles

Given time, adopted words make themselves right-at-home in English.


Oddly enough, this word can be found as a family name. 

Its prevalence in modern news stories abounds. Whether in politics or the treatment of prisoners. This old word still holds its own in the modern media.