Homophones for aba, abba

aba / abba [ˈæbə]

aba – n. – a traditional, loose-fitting outer garment worn by many African and Arabic men and women

abba – n. – 1. a term often used by Christians for God meaning father; 2. a title of respect often given to religious leaders in certain Christian churches – father; 3. A designation for a specific local authority

In the News


Most people value clothes regardless of culture, but what about the people who make them? Regardless of the type of attire, a human story is behind it. 

This account of a young tailor, whose life was cut short by being at the wrong place at the wrong time, also reminds us that districts can also take on the word to name the activity and business of a location.

As you feel the fabric, perhaps remember the lives of those who made it.


Rooted in ancient middle eastern languages, abba has taken on new meanings in modern media. It can be found in many product and business names to lend an air of respectability.

However, it has also found its way into criminal circles as shown by this article on the trial of a drug trafficker. Within the context, it has probably retained the elements of respect that the older meanings conveyed.