Homophones for ab, abb

ab / abb [æb]

ab – n. – 1. an abdominal muscle, usually used in the plural; 2. sap, moisture within lumber

abb – n. – in weaving, yarn derived from the inferior edges of a fleece, especially from the haunches

Do Not Confuse With – the acronym ABB used in robotics, in welding, and other areas

In the News


Why the fascination with abdominal muscles? While one may not understand it, it certainly exists...not only for fitness and body builder buffs but also for fashion designers. 

Something about contoured muscles that captures the eye and the imagination. Exposing areas that used to be concealed. More fashion statements.


When one thinks of politics and parliamentary debates, one does not usually think about fabric, yarn...all those strands. Yet, it happens. Not often but the hansard records give the accounts. 

Abb wool yarns have been debated. Afterall, fabrics form a large chunk in many economies and so their regulation is important. Weaving wonders across the globe in so many sectors.