Homophones for aal, all, awl

aal / all / awl [al]

aal – n. – a plant of the genus Morinda whose roots are used to produce a red dye to colour cottons especially in India; also used to describe the dye

all – adj., adv. & n. – the complete amount

awl – n. – a small, pointed tool used to make holes

In the News


This plant forms a crucial link with the heritage of many. The colours, the specific concentrations of the dyes that are produced and the ways that they are used. This natural dye keeps popping up in many sectors of the cotton industry especially in India.


Amazing that such a small word can encompass so much, and yet it does. 

The inclusive nature of 'all' makes it a common word in discussions and in the media. It transcends boundaries and appear in multiple venues. This article deals with hunting and carries much precision.


When I think of an awl, I rarely think of delicate, orthopedic surgery, and yet there it was. These tiny, microfracture picks dramatically change the outcomes for patients. The principles remain the same as those used in much larger projects, but the size allows for a much newer application. 

I look forward to seeing more developments in the intersection of orthopedic and microsurgery.