Homophones for jook, jouk, juke

jook / jouk / juke [dʒuːk]

jouk (jook) - n.1 Scot.a sudden elusive movement; a quick turn out of the way, a bow or curtsy, 2. a place or shelter from a blow, a storm; v. 1. intransitive. to bend or turn the body with a quick movement downward or to one side, in order to avoid blow; to dodge; to duck; 2. to swerve for a moment; 3. intransitive. by extension: to dart or spring with an adroit elusive movement out of the way or out of sight; to hide oneself by such action; to skulk; 4. to bend oneself supply as a tumbler or acrobat; 5. to bow in salutation or obeisance; esp. to make a quick jerky bow; 6. figurative. to cringe, fawn; to dissemble

juck (juke) - v. 1. intransitive. to make a sound or call imitated by this word, as a partridge; n. obs. a joint of a bird's wing

juke - n. 1. a roadhouse or brothel; 2. juke-box n. (occasionally juke-organ) a machine that automatically plays selected records when a coin is inserted